friendhood , stand and never a runner .

True art of friend-hood is not when knowing that your friends have your back but
it's knowing that you have your friends back .

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:: berkata...

i cant remember how we became a friend..and i barely can remember how times has taken us apart..at this hour, i miss u..i miss how we laughed out at our stupidity..i miss sitting next to each other without saying a word..i miss our deep conversation..i miss going back to school to see u..

wherever u are babe..and how suck life could be..i want u to know that somehow, u still got me..thank u for all the hugs when i cried so much because a man broke my heart..thank u for telling me how worse i am when i need to know the truth..thank u for being my truly friend..i love u..-jack raven-..and i am truly sorry for not being a good friend..

R.K berkata...

whats with not a good friend ? stop talking silly babe .
we are what we are , u are what u are , and i am what i am . and we both are best on this matter . chill out babe . put the shit out , ill c u in short time .
whatever it is , ill never be a runner , i have your back . always .

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