Ill give you my best

Ive done mistakes before
I'm not using that dark-pink colored brain to think seriously
It brought both of us troubles
Ive done lot of wrongs
Ive made we suffered
I was selfish
Now the real bug named Hurt appears
We can do nothing
I can do nothing
and what frozen me is
you also feel the pain
After all the time we spared
You are still the one comforting me and
I am the one nicknamed Rohlihlahla
You are the angel
I am the devil
With the limited time remaining
I cant promise you anything else more except my loyalty
I cant give you anything else more except my trust and
I cant take anything else more except your soul
Look there, way up the sky high
You'll see the stars forming my words
"Ill give you my best"
Its not about me anymore my darl
Its only about you
The one i care
The one who cared.
|Thank You|

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